McNicholas dancing to the past for Homecoming 2022

The Rockets are ready to disco the night away at their upcoming 70’s themed homecoming. Saturday night fever has struck as the girls prepare to curl their hair and the boys plan to pop their collars. Most of the McNicholas students are ready for homecoming, but the new freshman might not be aware of its history. 

Before McNick had Paradise, the students would march with floats to play the football game at Anderson High School. The students would attend the dance the following day.  

During homecoming week, the students are encouraged to dress up for spirit days. This year’s themes are: 

Monday, Sept. 19 > Adam Sandler day 

Tuesday, Sept. 20> Western day 

Wednesday, Sept. 21> Uniform due to mass 

Thursday, Sept. 22> BBQ dads and soccer moms  

Friday, Sept. 23> Disco/70’s day 

While most of the budget for 2022 Homecoming was spent on a D. J., junior Audrey Hurlburt says, “The music is going to be a lot different this year. Which will help shift the vibe… and match the mood of the students.” Hurlburt believes the money on the D.J. was well spent, since music is one of the main ways Gen-Z connects. 

Many dates have been planning their Homecoming proposals. Hurlburt had the opinion that it was “cute,” to ask after sports, because it shows interest in your date’s hobbies. Hurlburt also thinks asking two weeks before homecoming is a good time so the dates can coordinate outfits. 

Sophomores Carson Schisler and Carson Tierney asked Lila Moeves and Kennedy Kramer to the Homecoming dance on September 10, 2022. Schisler’s sign was designed for Moeves’s Cross Country pasta dinners, and Tierney’s sign was designed Kramer’s love of cheer. 

For the upper classmen, homecoming can be stressful due to the planning within short deadlines. Alex Smith, a junior part of the planning committee says, “from September first it has been full throttle.”  

This homecoming is a big deal because last year the dance was not hosted on school campus. Science teacher, Jonathon Spurlock says, “Bringing it back home” should come with “newer, bigger and better energy.”  

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