Kevin Huber breaks the record for most games played as a Bengal

Kevin Huber, class of 2004, a McNicholas alum has broken the record for the most games played in a Bengal’s uniform. In the early 2000s, Kevin Huber was playing on the McNicholas football team, known for his punting skills.  

These skills opened the door for him to play Division 1 football for University of Cincinnati. In 2009, he was drafted to his hometown, the Cincinnati Bengals and has been main punter since.  

During Huber’s lengthy career, he has been rewarded for his consistency. He was a 2014 Pro Bowler, captain for the Cincinnati Bengals from 2020 to 2022, and appeared in the 2022 Super Bowl. 

To commemorate this achievement, the McNicholas community reflects on what Kevin Huber means to them. 

Kevin Huber is wearing number 11 in this photo from his McNicholas. Photo attributed to Kris Boppel.

Freshmen Mathew Ehlers said, “Kevin Huber motivates me that I could do something great one day,” because he went to McNicholas as well. 

Freshmen Kayden Dugger said “The odds were against him to make it to NFL. So even if the odds are against me, I will keep on going whatever I am doing.” 

Kevin Huber has played 14 seasons in the NFL. That is more than the average NFL career that only lasts three seasons. 

Theology teacher, Sam Roflow taught Huber during his Sophomore year. He described him as “extremely competitive” when he played sports at McNicholas.  

Huber played football and basketball. During his football career at McNicholas he punted and he played wide receiver.  

Roflow also said Huber “supports the school in many ways.”  

Math teacher and director of discipline, Bill Losekamp who taught him Pre-Calculus said, “Kevin Huber was fun and loving and made class fun.”  

Losekamp also said “he managed his time well between class and sports.”  These skills can be attributed to his success with the Bengals.  

Losekamp said, “Kevin represents the school well and he is what we are all about at McNicholas.”  

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