McNicholas putting air conditioning in more school areas

With another year at McNicholas High School well underway, the issue of not having air conditioning arises again. Currently, there is air conditioning in the theater and cafe, library, and aux gym along with select classes and offices. This leaves some classes without air conditioning, but McNicholas is fixing it. 

With Alter Hall and Senior Hall being built in the 1950s, there is no air conditioning in them. The school has been adding air conditioning to parts of the school gradually. For example, the main gym  air conditioning was finished very recently. 

The convent was built with no air conditioning because it was built in 1915.

Classes that are located at the bottom of school such as English and Math, do not have air conditioning. Freshmen Max Horstmeyer said, “the bottom of the school is the worst with the heat” with classmate Kayden Dugger adding, “classes can get very hot.” 

The school started the project of putting air conditioning in more places last summer. They had to upgrade the electricity in the school to start the process of adding air conditioning. That was phase one of the projects. Mike Orlando, the Director of Facilities, said, “by the beginning of the next school year, 90% of the school will have air conditioning.”   

Freshmen Luke Schneider said, “it can be difficult to learn when it is burning hot.” 

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