Teacher Feature: Mrs. Chelsea Almer

Teacher Feature with Mrs. Almer  

Mary Walsh 

Mrs. Chelsea Almer is the librarian at McNicholas, a position she’s held for six years. Previously, Almer worked at Hamilton County library for some years after she had been a librarian at Guardian Angels School for 5 years. “The thing that I like most about being a librarian is that I learn new things every day. Not a day goes by that I’m not learning something” said Almer. 

Almer was inspired to work at McNicholas because she “heard great things about McNicholas and the Rocket pride.”  

 Almer’s favorite things about being a librarian is learning new things every day and she “loves the energy students and staff have.”  

Almer is hard working and always treats Rockets with kindness. She is always on task when in the library and she always has a smile on her face. Lucy Timko, Sophomore says, “I like that she recommends a lot of books to students, and she is good at teaching and working at the desk.” 

Native American Heritage Month book selections on display in the library.

Ali Hannah, Freshman says “Mrs. Almer is so kind and loving. She’s always willing to help someone and I love how she’s always prepared to help a student when they ask her for help.” 

She brings so much Rocket pride and she makes McNicholas a place where students can be themself and not be judged. Almer said, “I also love the students, faculty, and my student library helpers and their zest for life and quest for knowledge. And we have a lot of fun in the library.” 

Each month she highlights a book by describing the theme and mood of each book, that way it can help students figure out what kind of book they are interested in. Almer says “When a student asks me “What should I read next?”, I usually ask them what was the last book that they read that they truly enjoyed. From there, I ask what they liked about the book. For example, did they like that it was dystopian or that it featured a strong female character or that it was mysterious? Really, I want to know what they really liked. Then, I tap into my own personal experience of different books, and I also use our library’s catalog and book reviews to come up with suggestions of other books that the person might enjoy.”  

Almer has been a great person to be a part of McNicholas and all rockets appreciate her hard work and gratitude she brings to this community. “So far, my experience here has been so adventurous and has been a wonderful ride “said Almer.  

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