Teacher Feature: Mr. Shawn Young

Mr. Shawn Young is one the amazing teachers at McNicholas. He is an alumnus from the graduating class of 1982. 

Mr. Young teaches 6 classes this year. He states, “I teach four classes of Modern U.S History and I teach two classes of advances placement U.S History.” 

Young has been a teacher for a longer time than some of our other staff and he says what he taught over the years. “Any history… I’ve taught European history, advanced European history. sociology, history, Cincinnati economics… I pretty much taught everything there is.” 

He then added about his career that “If you are looking for a specific highlight, last year we had 80% pass AP exam the nation present is 48%.” which is a huge success at McNicholas.   

Young preparing to teach his H bell Modern American course.

Being an alumnus, Young still holds high school day memories fondly. He explained “I was a senior and that year we were the first Appalachian Retreat and I thought that was an amusingly great thing to do., I was on Mardi Gras Court, and I meet all my best friends for life.” 

Young has always wanted to be a history teacher since he was a kid and he talks about how he started to fulfill that dream “I told my mom in the 6th grade I was going to be a history teacher, that all I ever wanted to be, you get payed  to talk about history and you get summers off how you can do any better in life than that.” Young taught at McCauley High School when he first started to teach.  

Outside of teaching, young loves nature. “Anything outs doors whether its hiking, backpacking or canoeing or fishing, bike riding. Just being outdoors I feel like a caged animal indoors.”  

All teachers have their highlights while teaching like have a fun day with a class or having a special lunch with the class and Young’s is, as he says, “it’s fun teaching in the school I graduated from. I love having fun with the kids and learn some history.”   

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