Rocket Raffle provides direct tuition assistance to future McNicholas students

McNicholas has held many raffles since its first opening years, but starting last year, the Rocket Raffle has significantly stood out as the most successful of the raffles. The fundraiser is student-led and puts all proceeds directly towards tuition assistance for future McNicholas students.

“Last year was the largest student-led fundraiser in the history of the school,” Manager of Alumni Relations and Freshman Football Coach Stephen Rice said.

The Rocket Raffle began on Jan. 5 with the final collection on Jan. 26. There is an Early Bird turn-in day on Jan. 12 in which students who have sold at least $200 in ticket sales will be entered in a competition to earn an Oculus VR. The Early Bird drawing will take place on Friday, Jan. 13 with a chance to win $1,000.

After the final turn-in day, there will be a Grand Prize drawing on Friday, Jan. 27 with a chance to win a total of $10,000.

Students are encouraged to sell all ten of their allotted tickets by Jan. 26. Tickets can be purchased in different amounts.

“We just started this to refresh and re-energize the school with something new and fun, really involving the students, and there’s probably a little bit of friendly competition to help get their tickets sold,” Engagement Coordinator Tricia Conrad said.

Students engage in friendly competition with the encouragement of a large list of incentives that also motivates them to sell tickets. Some of the most desired incentives included are a day off on Feb. 13, the day after the super bowl, which can be achieved if a goal of a $200 average among all students is reached. There is also an off-campus trip during school on March 24 to Top Golf for students who reach $500 in ticket sales.

“What motivates me to participate in the Rocket Raffle is helping kids with financial aid and tuition assistance to attend a great school like McNick where every time you come into school it feels like a family,” sophomore and Top Seller of the 2022 Rocket Raffle Francie Goff said. Goff sold around $1,200 in ticket sales.

Tickets can be bought individually for $25 or five for $100 and can be bought with cash, debit or credit card, and checks. They can be purchased through the following link:

“One purchase of one ticket makes a huge difference to help advance the mission of giving back, here, at McNick,” Conrad said.

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