Rocket Raffle has a successful second year

The Rocket Raffle is a school-wide fundraiser, in which people can buy raffle tickets for a chance to win a $10,000 prize. This year, the tickets cost $25 each or 5 for $100, and were for sale for a 3-week period in January. The proceeds from the Rocket Raffle go directly to tuition assistance, which increases enrollment.  

The Rocket Raffle is a student-driven fundraiser, so students were in charge of selling tickets. Students were challenged to take initiative and sell tickets for the cause of giving future Rockets the opportunity to come to McNicholas. Students are encouraged to sell tickets anyway they’d like, such as sending texts or videos about the raffle to their friends and family. 

Director of Facilities & Senior Capstone Program Coordinator, Varsity Football Coach Mike Orlando drawing the winner of the $10,000 prize.

The raffle has a significant impact on the students of McNicholas. “Last year we were able to help 26 students, this year we will be able to help around 30 students,” Steve Rice said.  

Students are motivated to sell tickets partially because of the incentives offered for different tiers of ticket sales. A few examples of this year’s incentives were a chance to win customizable Nike shoes, lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, and a trip to Top Golf. This year, 226 students earned the Chick-fil-a lunch. 

Incentives are “trying to find ways to really encourage high school students to get excited about something and leading with a serving heart to give back to the school,” Engagement Coordinator Trisha Conrad said.  

The Rocket Raffle is an opportunity for everyone to come together and support an important cause. Anybody can buy tickets, support a student, and support the cause. 

The set goal of reaching $100,000 in ticket sales was achieved, selling about $105,000 in tickets. This year’s sales also exceeded last year’s sales, passing it by about $14,000. “This is a great way for current families, past families, alumni, friends, everybody can get involved in this so it’s kind of like we all did this thing together,” Rice said.  

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