Softball team gears up for their season with training under Coach Willy Corbett

Willy Corbett coached baseball on and off for fourteen years and brought the boys teams to the state. He was also a retired teacher well known in the community. Now, as the head coach of softball, he has many new ideas for the upcoming softball season.  

With softball’s preseason here, there are many things the team is working on improving. “Repetition, repetition, repetition,” Corbett states as one of the key factors that needs to be worked on so, the team can gain muscle memory by the time games start.  

Natalie Jones winding up for a pitch in a game last season.

Working on the fundamentals of hitting and fielding at open gyms will make a large improvement to everyone’s skills. The goal of the practices prior to the season is to help the players feel confident with their own skills.  

Communication is essential during the games, such as base running, different signs are used by the coaches to show what they want us to do without being obvious. During the pre-season coaches will start to teach the players the signs so by game time they know them very well.  

“We have become good friends and hopefully that carries over to the team.” Corbett said.  

Over the years of coaching, Coach Terry Doyle and Corbett have bonded from the amount of time they spend together, and they hope the same for the team. They felt if they work well together the team will too and it will allow the players to stay focused and play at their best. 

Team bonding is very important for softball and benefits the team to do better overall. When a team is closer, they work well together and are much more likely to play better. The softball pre-season is a great way to meet the team and get to know everyone.  

“Get as good as you can go, have your up and downs, but unite as a group.” Corbett states after his life long experience of sports. The Rockets Softball season starts on March 21st.

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