Teacher Feature: Mrs. Angie Noble

Mrs. Angie Noble has been working at McNicholas for 26 years. She has chosen to stay at McNicholas for her career because the community feels more like a family than going to work every day. Noble first wanted to become a journalist, but when she kept on switching majors, her advisor at Bowling Green State University said that she said she should switch her major to Secondary Communications Education so she could teach high school drama, English, communications, and journalism. Even though she loves to write, she felt that what she really wanted to do was teach. 

Noble began at McNicholas High School in 1997 and has been teaching the students about literature and journalism ever since.  In all schools, there are always challenging students, but Noble said most have been great.  Noble did share that she’s had about five students in her career that “brought about some challenges for me.” 

In her free time, Noble likes to walk, hike, and explore, listen to podcasts, spend time with her family, and spend time with her dog. She has been married to her husband Chris for 26 years and has three children: Donald, who graduated from McNicholas in 2020 and is a junior Music Education major at Bowling Green State University; Sam, who is a senior at McNicholas; and Katie, who is a sophomore at McNicholas. Her favorite podcast is NPR’s “Hidden Brain” because the podcast talks about how our brain reacts to certain actions and she learns information she didn’t know before.  

Noble family Star Wars event

One of her favorite books is The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini because she loves to learn about others’ experiences that aren’t like hers. “What am I learning if I’m just reading about people just like me with experiences like mine? I want a broader perspective than that,” she said.  

Noble didn’t grow up in Cincinnati, so she loves exploring the city. She said, “Cincinnati has so much to offer; I grew up in a small town and didn’t have many of the opportunities Cincinnati has.” She especially loves downtown Cincinnati as well as Newport Aquarium and the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum. Most know her as Angie, but her real name is Patrice, but her grandfather didn’t like that, so he just called her Angie and that’s what she’s been called ever since. 

“I love being a Rocket and am so glad Mrs. Combs called me 26 years ago to offer me a job in the English Department. McNicholas is special, and I definitely don’t feel like I’ve been here 26 years. I have built so many relationships with co-workers and families and am so so grateful that McNick is part of my life.”  

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