Students at McNicholas discuss their thoughts and plans for Spring Break 2023

Spring Break has excited students all over the country for years. At McNicholas, the break is finally approaching. Students recently shared their thoughts, plans, and opinions about Spring Break at McNick this year. 

The majority of students thought that Spring Break was perfectly timed this year despite it falling later than surrounding high schools. Students like the idea of a break in the fourth quarter before stress begins to build up in preparing for final exams.  

Freshman Jose Fortin, said “I think that it is a nice break in the fourth quarter before the stress of exams begins, and I think that spring break last year was very late.”  

Senior Charlie Everhart say he also likes the timing of spring break “Because it’s during Easter and we are a catholic school.” 

Graph represents the students opinions on whether spring break was too early or late this year.

Other students thought it was too late because there is hardly any school left after returning from the break. Sophomore Ava Wille said, “I say it needs to be sooner, so we have a break. Kids have to take their Iowas, PSAT, and SAT the first week [of fourth quarter] and then we don’t have an off day until two weeks after and then a little longer we then get our break. We need to break to be two weeks after the quarter starts not four.”  

Traveling is very popular during spring break and the Rockets are going with the trend.  71% of students asked are traveling for spring break and most of those students traveling are going to beaches. Among those, Florida is the most popular destination.  

One student traveling is headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Sophomore Kennedy Kramer said “I am excited to hang out with my friends and I don’t get to travel for Spring Break a lot.” 

Those who aren’t traveling are spending their spring breaks working, playing sports and a lot of students will be getting some much-needed rest. 

McNick students seem to be making the best out of spring break this year, whether they feel it is well timed or not. Between hanging out on the beach, playing baseball, or simply catching up on some sleep, McNick students know how to have a good time on their days off.

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