Teacher Feature: Mrs. Andrea Wheeler

Mrs. Andrea Wheeler is one of the astounding teachers at McNicholas High School. Wheeler is an English teacher and has been working at McNicholas High School since December 2021. 

In her free time, she enjoys watching Netflix, especially The Office, playing video games, and hanging out with her family, especially her grandson. “My favorite video game, of all time, is Call of Duty Black Ops 2.” 

Wheeler and her husband relaxing at the beach.

Wheeler went to “The Mount” for her undergraduate degree in English and History and received her masters from Arizona State and Liberty University. She then kicked her career off working for a small Christian school. “They really needed a teacher so, I said yes.” 

 Wheeler grew up in Loveland and dreamed of being an astronaut. Wheeler said, “I tried to not be a teacher for a long time, and then I just couldn’t not become a teacher. It just felt like it was what I was supposed to do.” 

 Her experience at the small Christian school is where she found her love of teaching, “It was like the most amazing thing, and I knew I was supposed to do it and I’ve been doing it ever since,” she said. English was the subject she always wanted to teach, but being with the students is her favorite part. 

Wheeler explains how she cannot choose a favorite memory from McNicholas because she has so many. “It sounds kind of dorky but this is my favorite job ever so far, I really, really love being here, and everybody here is positive so I can’t pick out one memory yet, just that I like it.”  

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