Girls Lacrosse Kicks off the Season

The lacrosse season has started at McNicholas High School with a scrimmage and game on March 11th. The girls’ lacrosse team kicked off their season against Madeira starting their season off with a record of 0-1.

The girls’ lacrosse team has been practicing and training for their season.  Pete Collopy, the athletic trainer said, “We are absolutely improving.”

With the assistance of Collopy, the girls team helps to do well this season with a winning record and wins against the school’s rivals. Alongside the training, the team creates bonding experiences such as team meals and a game preparation routine.

Freshman Kennedy Steuer said to prepare for games they will “listen to music and pump each other up.” 

Pumping each other up before games helps them to get to know each other better and to become better players on the field. Girls lacrosse is working hard to get better and stronger for their season.

On March 11 girl’s lacrosse had their first ever scrimmage starting off their season.

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