Freshman and Sophomore Theatre Showcase to take place on May 17, 2023

The freshman and sophomore theatre students are reaching the end of the year which is the time to perform their final acts on stage. For this process, the freshman have been assigned a movie or musical theme and the sophomores have a Disney theme.  

The showcase will be at 7:00 p.m. on May 17, 2023 at the Jeanne Spurlock Theatre. 

Sophomore Lynn Sandmann said, “I think it’s fun, you can do a lot with a theme for Disney.”  Also excited about the variety of options with Disney, sophomore Katie Noble said, “I think its’s like a really good mashup of everything from over the years of Disney.”  

The McNicholas showcase is being produced and directed by Leslie Baum, theatre teacher.  She said, “I want my students to really embrace the material and notes such as staging, acting, and choreography to help them polish their performances well hoping that they will get asked about their confidence and having that after-performance glow that everyone wants to achieve.”  

Rehearsal stage for spring showcase in the Jeanne Spurlock Theatre.

Being a freshman, it is more anxiety inducing being up on stage in front of a high school audience for the first time and with other people who have performed more. Freshman Delaney Rains says, “I am both nervous and excited but mostly excited.”  

Both cabarets include different musical numbers, choreography, and group work that is going to be displayed on stage. Each act is completely unique from one another. People will see a variety of musicals to movie acts, from Disney and other movie productions such as Hercules, Newsies, Mamma Mia, Alice in Wonderland, etc. 

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