Helpful ways to study for exams

Exams at McNicholas begin for students on May 25, 2023, and students are preparing to show their learning from the year. Studying for exams can be difficult and tedious if there is not a system to work diligently in place. Students struggle to study due to the distraction of phones, work schedules, and athletic events.  

Andrew Fehlinger studying for exams on May 17, 2023

Mrs. Valerie Combs, Intervention Specialist, said, “Creating a study schedule and “chunking” information is important.  It’s always helpful to break down any tasks so they don’t feel as overwhelming.”  

Students often don’t take breaks when studying. They do it all in one sitting and do not think about all the material that’s going into the brain at once. “Do it in small chunks over a few days and reward yourself every once in a while,” said Mrs. Emily Materna, Director of Curriculum. 

 Often student cannot study efficiently with many distractions so to keep oneself in check, Materna said, “to plan ahead and come up with a study plane, I would suggest looking at the exam schedule and make a plan on that based on when and which exam is taken those days.”   

With all the distractions of life, students often get distracted by the idea of more fun uses of their time. “Finding a meaningful, active way to study is best!  Try to use as many senses as possible.  Try teaching the information to someone else to improve your retention.” Mrs. Combs said  

Materna said “the most important thing is to find a study style that works best for you, but every student is different, and I think that the students just need to find their way so they can study efficiently.”  

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