Alexis Burdick

Sophomore Alexis Burdick is a Journalism I student and a staff reporter. She enjoys playing soccer and has been on the McNicholas soccer team for two years. Alexis also enjoys spending time with her friends and family.
Alexis Burdick has written 13 posts for The McNicholas Milestone

McNicholas students share what they are most excited to do on their summer bucket lists

In preparation for summer, many students are making “bucket lists” of different activities that they want to participate in throughout the summer.  For some students, summer is a time for them to bring out their inner child. Without the stress of high school and preparing for college, students can take time to enjoy their favorite … Continue reading

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McNicholas students should be allowed the opportunity to be exempt from final exams

With exams for underclassmen right around the corner, it would be nice for students with A-averages to know that all their hard work during the year paid off. Currently at McNicholas High School, underclassmen are required to take all of their final exams, regardless of their grade point average, but McNick should consider adopting a … Continue reading

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ADHD and ADD medications harmful if not used properly

It is becoming more and more common for teenagers to take medications such as Adderall illegally to help them stay awake and focus on schoolwork, but the risks of taking medication without a prescription far outweigh any short-term benefits the teen hopes to receive. According to the U.S.  Department of Health and Human Services, students … Continue reading

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Teenage athlete injuries proven to have effects later in life

With the higher demand on student athletes from coaches, colleges, and parents, more and more teenagers are being injured, from torn ACLs to concussions. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs when a hit to the head causes your brain to slam against your skull. Some concussions can be life changing. “When I … Continue reading

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Supported by her small group, Freshman Aimee Gauger addresses her class during Freshman Day of Renewal on Oct. 16. The event was the first time the Class of 2021 came together for a school retreat. Nearly 50 seniors lead the freshman by serving as peer ministers.