McNicholas students share what they are most excited to do on their summer bucket lists

In preparation for summer, many students are making “bucket lists” of different activities that they want to participate in throughout the summer.  For some students, summer is a time for them to bring out their inner child. Without the stress of high school and preparing for college, students can take time to enjoy their favorite childhood pastimes. For example, teens might visit their ice cream and slushie shops, attend summer camp, get out their sprinklers and Slip N’ Slides, spend a day at Coney Island or Kings Island, or even buy a trampoline.

“I’ve always wanted to buy a bouncy house. I’ve been working on earning the money to afford one, so my friends and I can bounce,” sophomore Austin Gardner said.

Summer is a time for students to relax and hang out with their friends. Students can take their friends to a Reds game, go to a concert (see “Cincinnati’s summer music scene heats up” for upcoming events), find a job with friends, or spend the day at a lake or pool.

“Over summer junior Ian Baker and I are going to find new places where we can fish,” junior Michael Mink said.

Many students will be going to see their extended family. Summer is a great time for entire families to take a break and come together. Some go on vacations, while others spend time at a relative’s home.  “I am looking forward to going to the new Jungle Gym market. It’s cool to have something like that so close to home,” sophomore Elizabeth Wittwer said.

Summer is also a time for high school students to try something they have never done before. Some student plans include taking a road trip, visiting farther-away colleges, traveling to other countries for service trips (see “Students get involved in summer service programs” for more details), taking an art or dance class for the first time, or getting adventurous on vacation.

“On my vacation to Puerto Rico this summer, I think it would be really cool to go parasailing,” junior Brent Rudolph said. “I would also like to meet some new people while I’m down there.”

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