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Students share thoughts on how they’d spend $45k

Most people consider themselves less fortunate than others from prior damaging experiences, but discovering $45,000 could undeniably change a person’s mind and life forever. In a story first appearing on Viralthread.com, a 22-year-old male recently purchased a new home in Illinois. While going through the moving process and unpacking his possessions, he was told a … Continue reading

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Tablets power down: Charging stations need added

Most students in McNicholas High School have had to deal with a dead tablet battery during the school day and no way to charge it to be prepared for classes. Students aren’t supposed to charge during the day at school, but they rely greatly on tablets since they were added to the curriculum eight years … Continue reading

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From stick figures to CGI: animation changes over time

Animated cartoons have been part of most students’ childhoods, and it seems nearly impossible to go anywhere without encountering some form of cartoon, from TV shows to the newspaper funny pages to animated videos on YouTube. For such a present art form, cartoons have changed and grown much over time. Cartoons have changed for a … Continue reading

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Deadlines push forward with FAFSA availability

By Emma Hughes and David Waterman As of the 2016-2017 school year, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is available three months earlier. As a result, many college application deadlines were pushed up, some falling as early as October. The average deadline for the Class of 2016 was December. This advanced deadline … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Center Easts visits McNicholas from Jan. 17 - 20. The Center presents to all freshman theology classes about the consequences of abortion and reproductive health.

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