Books to tablets: McNick adapts to new technology

Fewer books and lighter backpacks are both part of the new tablet program that McNick is slowly transitioning to. For the first time, McNick is requiring every freshman student to own a tablet, leaving hard bound books in the dust and giving students a lighter load to carry with almost all textbooks, notes, and homework online.

Teachers have been working for over a year to make a smooth transition to the new tablet program. They have had to learn how to use the tablets, as well as transfer lesson plans and countless files to them.

Religion teacher Mr. Sam Roflow has two classes with students who use tablets. “It has been a long process adapting to the tablets. We had training sessions throughout the year last year, but we weren’t using them on an everyday basis. I knew that once we started using them every day, we would get the hang of it,” Roflow said.

Many of the students find the tablets to be very helpful with keeping organized. Freshman Kelsey Bechtol likes having her own tablet to do her schoolwork, but in the beginning, it was difficult for her to get used to it.

“At first there were some problems and classes were not set up online, so we didn’t have the textbooks. Now that we have gotten everything fixed, it is much easier for me to use my tablet,” Bechtol said.

The Class of 2014 had the option to purchase a tablet, and most took advantage of that opportunity. The sophomores that bought tablets who to adapt to the new way of learning.

Sophomore Paxton Knight thinks that through the tablets, learning is much easier. For him, there are no worries about losing papers and books, and there is a much smaller load to take home every night for doing homework.

“Now that I have a tablet, school has gotten a lot easier because I don’t have to worry about carrying a bunch of books and taking them all home every night,” Knight said.

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