McNick welcomes new faculty and staff members

In addition to the Class of 2015 and Principal Patty Beckert, McNick has welcomed eight new members to the faculty and staff: Carolyn Adam, Chris Albanese, John Chadwell, Stacey Hauser, Priscilla Mrozek, David Sandmann, Carla Wessels, and Donna Wuest. Of these eight, Sandmann and Chadwell are both graduates of McNicholas.

Chris Albanese, John Chadwell, David Sandmann, Priscilla Mrozek, Carla Wessels, Donna Wuest, and Stacey Hauser are the newest additions to McNick’s community of faculty and staff. (Not Pictured: Carolyn Adam)

Ms. Stacey Hauser, the Algebra I teacher, attended The Ohio State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in education. She attended McAuley High School and is from Harrison, Ohio.

“I feel like I have already been adopted into the [McNick] family!” Hauser said. “In addition to this, it has been great for me to witness the way that faith affects every aspect of school life.”

Mrs. Donna Wuest is the Communications and Media Assistant for McNicholas. “I could tell right off the bat that I would like it here,” Wuest said. She graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in special education and middle school science. She was also a substitute teacher at Springer School.

Carolyn Adam, the Director of Development, holds a B.A. from Smith College and an M.S. from London School of Economics. She worked with the Union Bank of Switzerland in New York for 15 years. She has also worked with United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Pregnancy Center East Development, and Guardian Angels School Annual Fund.

Mrs. Priscilla Mrozek, Development Assistant, graduated from Illinois State University, taught at the University of Cincinnati, and has lived in Anderson for 20 years. With a son married to a McNick alum, she said she enjoys the cozy and friendly environment of McNick.

Mr. David Sandmann is McNick’s Computer Technology and Web Design teacher. After graduating from McNick in 2004, he continued his education at Xavier University, where he majored in Classical Humanities, along with minors in math, philosophy, and theater. He worked as an Assistant Technical Director for Xavier University’s Cintas Center and is currently working on his master’s degree in theology.

“It is great to be back as a part of the McNicholas community. In many ways it is like I never left. Even while I was a student, it was the people and the community that they build that I felt was the best part of McNick.  I consider myself blessed to be a part of it once again,” Sandmann said.

Mr. John Chadwell, who teaches chemistry and anatomy and physiology, graduated from McNicholas in 2005 and Xavier University in 2009 with a B.S. in Biology. “It is both a fun and slightly surreal experience to be back here as a teacher,” Chadwell said. He previously worked as a long term substitute for the Forest Hills School District.

Mrs. Carla Wessels, McNick’s Spanish teacher, was born in Managua, Nicaragua. Her first visit to the United States was as an exchange student during her senior year of high school. She attended the University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University, where she got her master’s degree in  education. She has taught Spanish at Notre Dame Academy and Seven Hills School. “I am delighted to be a part of the community, where students and staff are very supportive and caring,” Wessels said.

McNick’s new choir director, Mr. Chris Albanese, attended both the University of Dayton and Northwestern University. He has had jobs as a music director in Chicago and near Northwestern University. He has also sung professionally with the Grant Park Music Festival and the Dayton Opera.

“Faculty here seem to have a great love for this place and carry a positive attitude even through transition and change.  This says a lot for the character of each member of this staff,” Albanese said. “The community here is incredibly kind and welcoming. There is a real sense of pride in the schooland what we have to offer our students,” he added.

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