Service and Ecology Club: Cleaning up the McNick community

McNicholas’ Service and Ecology Clubs have done their part in the recent weeks and got to work to keep our community clean and free of litter.

Service Club cleaned up the highway on Saturday, Sept. 17, and Ecology Club went to the Little Miami river bed to clean up litter along its banks on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Service Club adopted the part of highway system at I-275 and US 32 four years ago and ever since then, students have been putting on their gloves and bright orange vests and getting dirty for a couple hours two to three times a year to better the community.

“The cleanup is a different kind of service for more introverted students to contribute in a way more geared toward them,” said Service Club moderator Sam Roflow.

The river cleanup was a new activity for Ecology Club last year, but this year they made it a tradition by revisiting the Little Miami river bed access point behind the Speedway station on 32 off Beechmont.

“I attended the Little Miami river cleanup because I felt it was my duty to support Ecology Club,” said junior Ecology Club member Lauren Scott.

“The students of Ecology Club came up with the idea,” said Lauren Wulker, Ecology Club moderator. “The students gained a better understanding of water quality.”

Roflow said, “These activities make a difference to both the students
and the community.”

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