Presidential personality: Get to know your class presidents

The McNicholas Milestone caught up with class presidents Josh Hamant, Riley Whitehouse, Teddy Mayer, and Kelsey Mueller to learn a little more about their personalities and leadership styles.

Freshmen Class President: Josh Hamant

“I’m currently on the football team, and I’ll be trying out for the basketball team this winter. Another thing I do a lot is listen to music, especially rap. For McNick, I think mixers would be great to help students get to know each other. Another thing I’m hoping to change is when freshman are allowed to go to their lockers in the morning. I think if they were allowed in freshman hall earlier it would save everyone some trouble and make the mornings easier.”

Sophomore Class President: Riley Whitehouse

“My mom is my biggest inspiration. She works as a Marketing Director, so she constantly has to deal with customers. She really focuses on giving good customer service, and she’s taught me how to listen to others while still giving my opinion. As a leader, I want to be someone that my classmates can rely on and go to for help. I feel I can get their messages across and hopefully make the changes they want.”


Junior Class President: Teddy Mayer

“I really enjoy being part of the Civil Air Patrol Program. From there, I got my license to fly and also learned a lot about the planes. We mostly fly small planes like Cessana 172s. The program was led by the Air Force, so obviously I got to see a great example of leadership and teamwork. Personally, I like to lead with an Open Door policy; I believe that everyone should be included and I work hard to have good communication with my peers.”

Senior Class President: Kelsey Mueller

“I love being involved at McNick. I’m in Service Club, Student Philanthropy, Respect Life Club, Eco Club, the Peer Mentoring Program, the Student Ambassador Program, I’m a Eucharistic Minister, and I’m on the soccer and track teams. As far as what needs to change at this school, I think McNick really needs is its old spirit back. I want students to be excited about their school, and Student Council is going to try all year to make that happen. We’ve already had success with the hallway chalkboard and Homecoming bonfire, and now I want to focus on improving things we already have.”

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