McNick welcomes new clubs

This year many students are starting up clubs and a few are even trying to revamp old favorites. With so many new clubs being created, one has to wonder how easy it is to start an organization at McNick.

According to Student Moderator Gerard Kissel, the process for starting a club is very simple.

  1. Come up with a school appropriate theme or idea for your club.
  2. Be able to show some genuine interest from fellow students in the club.
  3. Find a teacher who is willing to moderate the club.
  4. Create a proposal which includes how often you will meet, if you are going to collect a fee, and the guidelines and general rules for the club.

“I have no issue with [all the new clubs] whatsoever… If you can organize it, it’s all worthwhile. If there’s a genuine interest, there’s never too many,” Kissel said.

Kissel said so many clubs are getting started up this year because peoples’ interests have changed. For example, there used to be a Frisbee Golf Club on campus, but after the seniors that started the club graduated, the interest in it fizzled out and the club stopped meeting.

The same thing also happened to the Ping Pong Club, but junior Stefan Games is reviving it this year. “I’m really looking forward to putting organization into the Ping Pong Club since there really wasn’t any when we had it freshman year,” Games said.

Coloring Book Club was started last year by freshman Megan Motolla, and sophomore Scott Frenzel is working on an Improv Club that focuses on theatre games. Frenzel said, “I’m extremely excited to start this club because it’s always been a fun idea for me for a while.”

The Improv Club meets on Mondays from 3-4 p.m. in the Jeanne Spurlock Theatre. Ping Pong Club meets during both lunches on Fridays.

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