Mystery solved: the hunt for stolen items ends at local pawn shops

It all started with a Coca-Cola salesman. Principal Patty Beckert was talking to him one day about the recent thefts at McNick (See Thieves may ruin McNick’s trusting community), and he suggested checking some local pawn shops for the stolen items. Beckert asked the police if they had checked any pawn shops, and they hadn’t. So, “detectives” Curriculum Director Dan Rosenbaum and Student Moderator Gerard Kissel decided to pick up the lead and check them out.

Armed with nothing but descriptions of the stolen items and keen intuitions, Kissel and Rosenbaum went to Facets, a pawn shop in Amelia. Sure enough, some of the stolen items were on display. This led them to another Facets in Milford, where they found stolen items there as well.

Kissel and Rosenbaum recovered the stolen drums and 2 out of the 3 stolen guitars. Unfortunately, in Ohio, the law states that owners must buy stolen merchandise back from the pawn shops. McNick would then have to sue the criminal for the expenses, once he has been caught. Whether he or she sold the items to the pawn shop, or they sold them on the street and they ended up there, the case is now out of Rosenbaum and Kissel’s hands. “I’m just relieved it was someone from outside McNick. The bright side is that we do not have a thief among us,” Kissel said.

It is up to the police to track down who stole from our school.  The police have a suspect but are not allowed to release a name until he is arrested.

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