McNick’s Hall signs letter of intent for Maryville

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, senior Drew Hall signed a National Letter of Intent to play basketball for Maryville University on a full athletic and academic scholarship. The ceremony, held in the McNicholas library, was attended by students and staff, all there to support Hall’s success. Drew’s parents, Deb and Dave Hall, and McNicholas Head Basketball coach Tim Monahan were also there with him as he committed to Maryville.

Maryville University is a Division II college located in St. Louis, Missouri and is part of the Great Lakes Valley Conference. The school has recently undergone many changes to its athletic program, including a new head basketball coach, Kevin Carroll.  The Halls have had a great experience with Carroll from the very beginning, back when Carroll first saw Hall play in the Louisville Eddy Four Tournament over the summer.

“He actually called Monahan right then and there and asked about Drew,” Deb said. “He’s a great guy and always made an effort towards Drew. Even when we first went to Missouri and came in to our hotel really late, he was there, waiting to welcome Drew.  [Carroll] has an Air Force background, and you can really see it from the disciplined way he coaches.”

Maryville itself has also done a lot to welcome Drew , from handwritten letters to including him in private team practices.

“They made sure to really make me feel like part of the team when I went there for an extended stay,” Drew[amj5]  said. “Every player shook my hand and my parents’ hands, and they all seem like great guys. Most of them are also from out of town, and I already have met my roommate, a player from Ross High School.”

Over his high school career, this 6’5” guard has earned a slew of awards and recognitions, including All-State Honorable Mention, 1st Team GCL, team MVP, and Leading Scorer of the GCL. Monahan says this success is well-deserved.

“Drew is what I’d call a ‘gym rat’; He’s always working out and trying to improve. As a coach, he’s the type of player I love to see. He definitely deserves everything he’s achieved. I think Maryville is a great fit for him, with a great coach that genuinely cares for his players. I’m also very excited to see what McNick’s team can accomplish this year. This is Drew and senior Ryan Coldiron’s last year here, and I think it will be a great season.”


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