Meatless Mondays come to McNicholas cafeteria

As of Monday, Nov. 7, the McNicholas café no longer sells meat in their main hot meal on Mondays. They will continue to sell meat products as cold items, like sandwiches. This new change is called “Meatless Mondays,” and was initiated by junior Katie Rogers.

 The cafeteria is going to start slowly with just cheese pizza and spaghetti with meatless sauce. They will then expand into more variety with different vegetables. The change is supposed to help student health, the environment, and the economy.

 Rogers has been a vegetarian since the start of summer, and hopes to eventually go vegan. She became a vegetarian after watching the movie Forks Over Knives, which claims that almost all degenerative diseases can be controlled by not eating animal-based and processed foods. The book The China Study was also influential in Rogers’ decision to become a vegetarian. It outlines how a plant-based diet is healthier. The documentary Food, Inc. talks about animal cruelty and animal rights, which was another reasonRogers chose to become vegetarian.

 Rogers got the idea for the cafeteria from her older sister, who is also a vegetarian and who is attempting to start “Meatless Mondays” at the school where she teaches. “I just hope to make people more aware about vegetarianism and how easy it can be,” Rogers said.

 However, some students aren’t as excited as Rogers about Meatless Mondays.

 “I like having meat at lunch. I don’t think it should be taken away every Monday so that people can pretend to be vegetarians for a day; it’s their own choice,” senior Haley Stultz said.

Junior Maddie Scott is a vegetarian and has been since she was 12. She welcomes the idea, but is apprehensive about how effective it will be.  “I think it is an interesting idea, but I think in the end it will just have people packing more on Mondays,” Scott said.

 Rogers says there is much interest in Meatless Mondays already. “It makes being a vegetarian more approachable and possible for people,” Rogers said.

3 thoughts on “Meatless Mondays come to McNicholas cafeteria

  1. …they haven’t been serving vegetarian food… it’s been hamburgers for the past two weeks…
    Lots of people have said that they don’t like people telling them what to eat. But isn’t the cafeteria telling vegetarians what to eat when there are literally NO hot lunches that are meat-free? I’ve noticed that caesar salads (the only vegetarian food I’ve been able to find) are usually present on Mondays and Tuesdays, but are basically gone by the end of the week.
    And let’s be honest, if we weren’t advertising it as Meatless Mondays, would anyone really notice if we had vegetarian food once a week?

  2. ” The change is supposed to help student health, the environment, and the economy.”

    Not eating meat for one day a week will not do ANYTHING. It doesn’t help the economy. It doesn’t help the environment. There will still be as many animals in slaughterhouses as there will be the other days of the week. Besides, if the cafeteria really wanted to go vegetarian, they’d exclude red meat and all dairy product from their food. And student health? If Derringer wanted ti “improve student health,” then they’d stop selling 15 different varieties of soda and chips. Besides, isn’t meat supposed to be good for you, albeit fatty?

    A valiant effort which unfortunately isn’t going to do anything that it claims it will.

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