Students inducted into NHS Altiora chapter

On Tuesday, Nov. 15, 58 juniors and seniors were inducted into the McNicholas Altiora chapter of National Honor Society, joining the 39 current members.

National Honor Society is a nationally recognized organization. The four pillars of NHS are scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The induction ceremony is a candle light service. The students say the NHS pledge, sign the NHS book, receive a certificate, and light a candle representing the four pillars.

Mr. John Chadwell, science teacher and alum of NHS, spoke at the induction. “What I covered in my speech is NHS and how it is an honor to be accepted, but also a responsibility,” Chadwell said.

Each of the four pillars play a key role in the process of choosing students. It is a very long process to decide which students make the cut.

A committee of five teachers, who remain anonymous, look over all the applications and choose the students that withhold all the pillars. There is no limit to h­­­­ow many students can be in the society.

 “NHS is looking for students who are exemplary in all studies. They have to be well-rounded students,” SAIL teacher and NHS co-adviser Mrs. Renee Herndon said.

Once a student is accepted and inducted into the program, there are certain responsibilities the student must uphold. They must maintain a weighted 90% GPA, do 10 service hours in addition to those required for graduation, assist with tutoring on some Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year, come to meetings, and maintain good character.

“Once a student is inducted, they are challenged more and expected to raise the bar,” guidance counselor and NHS co-adviser Mrs. Nancy Aniskovich said.

As Chadwell said in his speech, “Students aren’t in NHS because it looks good on a resume, even though it does. They are in it to better their community and school.”

The following students were inducted on November 11, 2011: Leah Bartel, Samuel Bechtol, Samuel Becker, Abigail Block, Rachel Buhr, Michele Cabell, Maria Clark, Zhihao (Rex) Cao, Anna Crooker, Richard Day, Rachele DeLuca, Patrick DiSalvio, Courtney Dunne, Rebecca Evans, Olivia Fitzpatrick, Emily Forsthoefel, Kara Frey, Matthew Gabbard, Samantha Gabbard, Stefan Games, Kate Gorman, Natalie Grever, Sarah Haas, Melina Hazzard, Jenna Hebeler, Molly Hiltz, Jason Hinson, Savannah Hisch, Matthew Ketchum, Katherine King, Haley Kocisko, Antonio Losekamp, Margaret Luther, Danielle Lynd, Evan McPhillips, Ali Miller, Mykaela Moller, Nicole Moser, Molly Norrish, Jessica Osterday, Daniel Poole, Christian Ray, Patrick Rehl, Katherine Rogers, Bradley Rolfes, Scott Sage, John Sandmann, Lauren Scott, Madeline Scott, Jennifer Siemer, Megan Simmons, Brandon Stout, Micaela Taylor, Alexandra Thul, Matthew Vieth, Katherine Weiler, and Paul Wilson.

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