Txting lingo is 2 much 2 handle ;)

Stdnts acrss the wrld find their txtng lingo crepping into their pprs @ skewl. It can b annying 4 stdnts, tchers, and peers.

Sum tchers dnt undrstnd wat these words r. It can b soo awk when a tcher has to ask wat sum wrds mean. Hnestly, wat tcher nos wat “btw” means?

How r we gonna fix this prblm that affcts so mny of our teens? Well, 1 thing we cud do wuld be to txt in proper englsh. Instead of tkng the ez way out, say thngs the way they were ment to be writn. 4 exmpl, instd of sying  “waz ^^,” we can say “what’s up?”

When some1 says LOL, gnerlly they r’nt rlly laughing out loud. Stdnts cud say haha or txt a :). It can get the pnt acrss w/out bng annying.

Did we lern our lssn? Txtin da rite way can lead to bettr pprs and fewr mistakes.

Okk tty 2moro! BYEE! 🙂

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