Browse addictively with StumbleUpon, Pinterest

First it was MySpace, then Facebook and Twitter. Now, StumbleUpon and Pinterest are piquing the interest of web surfers, allowing them to browse the web like never before.


StumbleUpon asks users to choose from a list of 500 hobbies, sports, and topics they are most interested in and then recommends other web pages based on the interests chosen. By simply clicking “Stumble,” StumbleUpon takes the user to a new link and gives the option to rate it using the “ ” or “ ” buttons.  The ratings contribute to forming collaborative opinions on each recommended website’s quality, constantly allowing StumbleUpon to improve itself based on the ratings of the users.

“I like StumbleUpon because you never know what is going to pop up on your computer.  The most interesting things come up, and you can actually learn a lot from it. One time I got an article about an artist who makes his pieces by cutting out parts of leaves and putting them together,” junior Kathryn Scheidler said. “It’s like a mini adventure every time you click the stumble button!” she added.

Click here to check out StumbleUpon or create a “Stumble” account.


Similar to StumbleUpon, Pinterest allows users to browse the site based on their interests. Pinterest lets the account holder make pinboards of the recipes, clothes, decorations, travel destinations, etc. that he likes. Users can then browse other people’s Pinterest profiles to see what they pinned. When a user clicks on an interest, Pinterest gives the option to go to the link of the website on which it was found.

By clicking the “repin” button, a user can post an interest from someone else’s pinboard to his own, and the site also gives the user the option to add a comment below the photo. All of the items the person repins shows up on his profile.

Pinterest is a simple way to discover new things and be inspired by other people’s interest. To sign up for Pinterest, a user must be invited. Click here to request an invite and get started.

“Pinterest is great for finding new things like recipes and clothes. The only down side is that it’s so addicting,” senior Maggie Dames said.

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