Ecology Club holds cell phone recycling campaign

Until Jan. 9, Ecology Club will be collecting used cell phones for a recycling campaign the students recently entered called the “Go Bananas!” challenge held by the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Starting Jan. 3, students should bring any unused cell phones to school and put them in the plastic bin located in the cafeteria.

Upon entering this competition, McNicholas High School is competing against other teams and schools from the region, such as Summit Country Day School, Mother of Mercy High School, and Norwood Middle School.

The Cincinnati Zoo is collecting cell phones because they contain a mineral called Colton, which is being mined in gorilla habitats. In order to mine for this mineral, the gorillas and their habitats are destroyed. Their hope with the “Go Bananas” challenge is to minimize the mining of Colton in order to save the gorillas and their habitats.

The goal for McNick’s team is 2000 cell phones. In order to reach the goal, students must bring in 6-7 cell phones each. The team that brings in the most cell phones wins $4000, and the team with the most creative campaign wins $1000. To win the creativity portion, anyone can vote for McNick’s campaign by clicking here.

Junior Ben Schmidt helped organize the campaign for McNick’s team, and helped film and edit the campaign video. “If enough people recycle their cell phones, I think it will really make a big difference,” Schmidt said.

For more information on the “Go Bananas!” challenge held by the Cincinnati Zoo, click here.

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