Ohio colleges compete for students’ confirmation

With many seniors making their final decision about college, and juniors searching for their perfect fit, many Ohio schools compete against each other for incoming students’ official, final confirmation. Because many McNicholas students are debating among a few Ohio schools, the McNicholas Milestone Online did the research on aspects that greatly influence a student’s final decision.


 Ohio University 

Ohio University is a public, co-ed college. OU is the perfect school to attend if you want to move away , but still be close enough that it’s easy to go home every once in a while. While there isn’t much close by the college, OU is known for having much to do on campus, including more than 350 clubs and organizations, and over 30 fraternities and sororities. Plus, if students feel more comfortable going to college with their friends, they’ll find that many McNicholas graduates choose OU. However, freshman students are not allowed to have a car on campus due to limited parking.

Location: Athens, Ohio

In-state Tuition: $9,864

Distance From McNick: 2 hrs 39 mins

Acceptance Rate: 85.1%

School Population: 20,994

Mascot: Bobcat

 Miami University 

Miami University is a public, co-ed school well known for its academics and beautiful campus. The school was ranked 3rd in the 2012 U.S. News and World Report’s edition of America’s Best Colleges for its commitment to undergraduate teaching. About 50% of the students live off campus, so there are also more options for housing. Plus, it’s only about any hour from Cincinnati.  However, like OU, Miami has very few things to do outside of the campus.

Location: Oxford, Ohio

In-state Tuition: $13,213

Distance From McNick: 1 hr 7 mins

Acceptance Rate: 78.8%

School Population: 14,872

Mascot: Redhawk

  University of Cincinnati  

The University of Cincinnati is a public, co-ed college in an urban setting.  It offers more than 300 programs of study and over 300 campus organizations such as Division I sports, clubs, sororities and fraternities. There are many housing options at UC including living at home, University Park Apartments, dorms, or small, nearby houses for rent. UC is right in Cincinnati so there’s plenty to do. However, UC is one of the more dangerous colleges in Ohio, being in a city atmosphere.

Location: Cincinnati, OH

In-state Tuition: $10,065

Distance From McNick: 23 mins

Acceptance Rate: 61.6%

School Population: 22,449

Mascot: Bearcat

  University of Dayton  

The University of Dayton is a private, Catholic school with over 70 majors .  UD is a great school to go to if students want to stay actively involved in their faith, service, and spiritual life.  Like UC, there is much to do around and outside of the suburban campus and with over 200 clubs and organizations, students at Dayton always keep busy.  While first year students have to live in dorm halls, students are offered many housing options in the following years.  Over 90% of UD students live on campus or in the one-of-a-kind student neighborhood, which is a community of side by side houses for UD students only. However, UD is one of the more costly colleges in Ohio.

Location: Dayton, Ohio

In-state Tuition: $31,640

Distance From McNick: 1 hr 17 mins

Acceptance Rate: 77.2%

School Population: 7,734

Mascot: Flyer

  The Ohio State University  

The Ohio State University is a large, public, co-ed school located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio.  With a campus size of 3,469 acres and over 900 clubs and organizations, the university offers many ways for students to get involved. However, OSU is a more selective college and is a little farther away from Cincinnati than most.

Location: Columbus, Ohio

In-state Tuition: $9,735

Distance From McNick: 1 hr 59 mins

Acceptance Rate: 68%

School Population: 42,082

Mascot: Buckeye

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