Senior Courtney Lindsay juggles two sports

Most high school student-athletes find the task of juggling school, work and sports difficult. Between homework and practice, one might get stressed out during the season.

Senior Courtney Lindsay not only has to deal with school and one sports team, but two. Lindsay has been a cheerleader and a member of the Dance Team for the last three years. Lindsay has had to run from her cheerleading lineup at basketball games to change in time for the Dance Team’s halftime performance, and then change back just in time to start cheering for the third quarter.

“I enjoy being able to perform in front of the whole school and wear the cute costumes. I can get the crowd involved and pump them up through cheerleading and dancing, and I love that!” Lindsay said.

Lindsay participates in cheerleading for both the basketball and football teams, and with the dance team, she performs in the winter and competes into the spring. Even though she doesn’t really have a break from either sport, she finds it easy to balance the two.

“My flexibility from dance has helped me so much in cheer,” Lindsay said. “It’s useful when I can work on things for one sport that will help me with the other.”

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, Lindsay celebrated her senior night for the cheerleading squad and the dance team. Lindsay, along with Dance Team seniors Jen Foltz, Sophie Huston, Kerry Morrow, and Jenn Siemer, were honored before the men’s basketball game, and at halftime they performed a dance they choreographed themselves. Lindsay was also honored along with cheerleading seniors Sammie Diedrichs, Sydney Hardoefer, Veronica Lopreato, and Emily Wesselkamper.

“I’m definitely going to miss the games where we had a huge crowd and tons of support. I love it when the crowd responds to our cheers. I also will miss getting ready before the games and team bonding,” senior Sammie Diedrichs said.

The cheerleading squad had two competitions this season. They won first place at their first competition, “We’re Here to Cheer,” on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011 at Bethel-Tate High School. Their second, “Cheer for Charity,” was on Sunday Oct. 16, 2011 at Glen Este High School, where they placed second.

The dance team had a competition on Sunday, Feb. 5, where they received superior ratings in their hip hop, jazz, and pom routines. Their next competition is Saturday, March 3, at Centerville High School.

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