Cast reflects on Laughing Stock performance

After their Feb. 10-12 performances, the cast of Laughing Stock, a play written by Charles Morey, was able to laugh about it themselves.

McNicholas was one of the first high schools to tackle this production. “Not many people around here have performed this play or know what it’s about so I like how it’s unique for us to do this,” sophomore cast member Mary Ingram said.

Laughing Stock is a comical story about a theater company as it plans for its summer productions. Throughout the play the company has many difficulties, which lead up to a disastrous opening night.

Going into the auditions, not all the cast knew what the play was about. However, after learning the script, the actors came to appreciate the play’s “laid back” approach.

“I liked this production more than straight script/character plays because there’s more room to be creative and to connect with my character,” sophomore and first-year theater participant Scott Frenzel said.

“Laughing Stock had a lighter atmosphere than most plays we put on. It was also more hectic and we had to perfect the scripted ‘mistakes’, but it was more fun overall,” Ingram said.

The cast ran into a few mishaps during the performances, but they were “not like your normal ‘forgetting your line’ mistakes. They were mistakes that kind of flowed into the play because of the atmosphere of the play already. One time the bat fell in the middle of our Dracula scene but the audience just went along with it and found it funny; it just went along with the play,” Frenzel said.

After the conclusion of their Feb 12 performance, the cast and crew of Laughing Stock paid tribute to theatre teacher Jeff Mulvey to thank him for his dedication to the production.

To view pictures of the performance, visit the Theatre Gallery on the McNicholas website.

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