Students express opinions on Academy Award winners

On Feb. 26, the 84th Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, took place at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre. The Oscars debuted in 1929 to honor film excellence from 1927-1928. Today, the Academy Awards is a glamorous televised ceremony that honors movies from the past year. It gives the world a chance to peek into the lives of actors and actresses and see them outside of a movie role. The Academy Awards is also a great opportunity for people to see who wore what designer on the red carpet.

Despite the elaborate TV special, the Oscars have fallen out of touch with today’s teens. Many of the nominations are for critically acclaimed films, which tend to be less popular with younger audiences.

The 2012 winner for the Best Picture Award was The Artist, an artistic silent film set in the 1920s. “The only reason that I knew about The Artist was because we had to watch it in French,” sophomore Scott Frenzel said.

The Help, which was also nominated for Best Picture, should have received the Oscar in place of The ArtistThe Help is a funny but realistic movie of what life was like for African American women in the South in the 1960s. The Help appealed to a greater audience than The Artist because more people could relate to the personalities of the characters in The Help, as opposed to the silence of the more obscure film, The Artist.

Only critics are allowed to vote for the winners of the awards, which may make the results different than public opinion. For teens, most aren’t interested in the awards given, unless they are familiar with the nominees. The Oscars should be more appealing to those of all ages by including younger actors and actresses that teenagers are interested in.

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