Camacho succeeds in Shakespeare Competition

On Saturday, Feb. 25 senior Gabi Camacho competed in a Shakespeare Contest, sponsored by the English Speaking Union, at Playhouse in the Park.

Camacho won the in-house competition at McNicholas and went on to perform at Playhouse in the Park. From there, six finalists continued to the finals at the Shakespeare Festival downtown. The winner from there goes on to compete in New York City, and then to London, England.  Camacho was not one of the finalists chosen from the Playhouse competition.

“Gabi did great. She did not forget a line and did perfectly on both her sonnet and monologue, but it’s over for us,” English teacher and Shakespeare competition organizer Mrs. Jean Collins said.

The participants for the in-house competition met with Collins before Christmas break to pick out their pieces, and then after first semester exams to really begin practicing. Collins worked individually with each participant a few times before the McNick competition. Camacho also met with other McNicholas competitors, juniors Courtney Dunne, Matt Gabbard, and Danielle Lynd,  to prepare.

The four contestants each picked a Shakespearian sonnet and a 20 line monologue from the choices given to memorize and perform for the in-house McNicholas competition. Camacho chose to perform Sonnet 71 and the monologue from Shakespeare’s Hamlet from Ophelia to Polonius about Hamlet’s madness.

“I knew we were going to be reading Hamlet in class soon, so it made the monologue a little more personal,” Camacho said.

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