Seniors reflect on last ‘Mom Prom’

On Sunday, Mar. 4, men of McNicholas celebrated the annual Mom Prom at the Holiday Inn Eastgate.  During this McNicholas tradition sponsored by the PTSA, the teens and their mothers took part in a night of dinner and dancing.

Since it was their last Mom Prom, seniors received special privileges.  “This year’s mom prom was the best because as a senior, I got to be first in the buffet line and the seniors got to have the first dance with their moms,” senior Luke Eveler said.

Seniors simulated an actual prom with Mom Prom traditions such as taking pictures beforehand and driving their moms to the dance.  With the age difference, seniors and moms had different styles of dancing.  “My most memorable Mom Prom moment was teaching my mom how to do line dances like the ‘Cupid Shuffle’,” senior Daniel Cole said.

Mom Prom is a unique tradition that seniors do not expect to encounter again.  “I will definitely miss Mom Prom,” senior Jack Castleman said.  “Being a senior this year, I will probably never have another chance to spend an evening with all my friends and their moms.”

Perhaps the seniors’ favorite part of Mom Prom was that it gave them a chance to show off their dance moves to their moms one last time.  “I absolutely loved getting together with all the moms and breaking it down on the dance floor to songs like ‘Funky Cold Medina’,” senior Ed Allgeier said.

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