OGT: Sophomores shouldn’t stress

McNicholas High School students are required to pass the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) before graduating. The OGT, which is first given to students as sophomores,  will be taken March 12-16.

The Ohio Graduation Test is a standardized test that has five parts to it: Reading, Science, Math, Writing, and Social Studies. Sophomores are given OGT practice a week or two in advance of the OGT in all classes. If they fail to pass any of the sections, they retake those sections every year until they pass.

At McNicholas, the percentage of students who pass the OGT their first time is 96%.

“Our academic program in the first two years of high school prepares our students well. Our teachers cover the basics of what the OGT covers.” McNicholas guidance counselor Don Popelar said.

With long-term curriculum as well as short-term practice booklets, McNicholas makes sure students are ready to take the test. While they advise studying and taking the test seriously, counselors urge students not to stress out too much over the OGT.

“The work ethic of our students and teachers has prepared them over the past two years already for this test. The Practice OGT books have helped as well, but I believe our students are already well prepared for this by this time every year.” Popelar said.

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