Ecology Club holds annual dodgeball tournament

On Thursday, Mar. 8, Ecology Club held its annual dodgeball tournament in the auixiliary gym. A total of 29 teams signed up with names like the Company, Rainbow Foxes, and the Dream Team. Teams were adorned with matching t-shirts, sweatbands, and there was even a team in full body suits.

It came down to the final game, Kony, which consisted of juniors Mark Hoke, Logan Stultz, Patrick Henry, Scott Sage, and Michael Mink, versus Team Phoenix, made up of seniors Chris Barnes, Tyler Seibert, Zach Petrosky, Cole Gauch, and Stephen Hykle.

Team Phoenix won the tournament with each player walking away with a five dollar gift card to Chipotle. “It was intense. We were in a real rough position. All my team got out until it was just me versus Stultz, Sage, and Henry,” senior Chris Barnes said. “I thought I was done for, but Team Phoenix came back, rose from the ashes, and shocked the world.”

This year, the teachers decided to join the tournament as well. Teachers including Spanish teacher Mr. Kyle Jepson, science teacher Mr. John Chadwell, and history teacher Ms. Michelle Semancik enjoyed the experience.

“It was an awesome turn out—the biggest yet. So many kids showed up and you could feel the excitement. Everyone loved the new addition of the teacher teams,” Ecology Club co-moderator Ms. Lauren Wulker said.

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