Teachers and students participate in intramural basketball

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On Sunday, March 11, McNicholas intramural basketball teams switched it up a bit by inviting teachers to participate.

The faculty that participated included art teacher Mr. Willy Corbett, English teacher Ms. Ashley Markesbery, English student teacher Mr. Ben Darby, Spanish teacher Mr. Kyle Jepson, and religion teacher Mr. Jeff Hutchinson-Smyth. Not every team had a teacher player, so Jepson played for two separate teams.

“The team I played for had no idea how bad I was. I made one basket, a free throw, and my team lost by about fifty points. I had so much fun though!” said Markesbery.

Darby stunned the students with his basketball skills. “He was actually really good,” said junior Josh Jubak, organizer of intramurals. “It was funny to see how excited everyone was to play the teachers. There was much more of a turnout than usual.”

The idea to have the teachers participate in the games was junior Jack Ehemann’s, co-organizer of the intramural league. “My mom and I were talking about it, and I just thought it would be a good way to get the teachers involved. Jepson, Darby, and Corbett were the MVPs that night,” Ehemann said.

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