Top 10 iPhone apps that deserve the download

iPhone users may have downloaded well known apps such as Facebook, Twitter, or a weather app, but many have not heard of some unknown ones that  are definitely worth downloading. Whether the apps include social networking, an easy way to organize a busy schedule, or easy access to new music, they may be of interest to current and future iPhone users. The Milestone Online looked into 10 apps that may be on deck as the next big buzz.


Foursquare leads the way for location-based social media, the new, popular way to connect with the community. With this app, users can let Foursquare know their location, such as a restaurant, and it will load tips from other Foursquare users about that spot. The app will also notify other users where their friends are. Plus, if a user checks into a location often enough, the user could have the chance of becoming the “mayor” of that location, giving him discounts and special offers.

Shop Savvy

This app is perfect for bargain hunters and those comparing prices or searching for the best deal. After just scanning the barcode of an item with your iPhone, the app automatically produces a list of the best deals locally and online. Customer reviews and coupon code tips can also be found using this free app. The shopping lists a user creates can be shared among email, Facebook, and Twitter.

ESPN Score Center

This free app allows users to quickly and discreetly check game scores of favorite teams in almost every sport including many that other apps do not provide such as rugby, ice hockey, and cricket.

Week Calendar

For only $1.99, Apple replaces its previously downloaded calendar app with a new and improved calendar with high graphics and color coding, making it easier to plan your schedule.


AroundMe is a great on-the-go app and is the first to make use of Google’s location-aware API (application programming interface). This app is one of the fastest and easiest ways to locate important spots in the area, such as gas stations, banks, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc.  This free app is especially known for its simplicity and easy use.

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Ever wonder what that name of that song on the radio is? With the free SoundHound app, users can identify the name of an unknown song in just a couple of seconds by holding their phones up to the music. While there are many apps made for this purpose, SoundHound is known for being the best in catching the tune among other distracting noises in the background.


Just like Twitter, the free Instagram app allows users to keep in touch with their followers and those they follow through photo sharing. Users can add captions and tag other followers in their Instagrams as well.

NY Times Crosswords

This app was designed to closely mirror the print version of their famous crossword puzzles. It provides the daily crossword puzzle from the newspaper, as well as an archive of over 4,000 crosswords to do. For only $9.99, a crossword-junkie will never have to pick up a newspaper again.

Awesome Note

Awesome Note is a free, high-quality organization app that allows users to create elaborate notes and to-do lists. This app is best known for its visual component, allowing the user to choose his own colors, fonts, and icons he wants to appear in his notes and lists.


Similar to the Nook and the Kindle, Apple has its own online book store where novels, magazines, newspapers, etc., can all be downloaded simply on the iPhone. Many items in the store are also free. Now, users can have their music, phone, games, and books all on one device.

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