McNicholas should have some not-so-senior privileges

With the weather breaking records this spring, people are starting to go outside more, to enjoy the breeze and catch some rays. So why do students at McNicholas high school have to stay inside all day, including during their 48 minute lunch period? Most kids on a nice day want to eat outside, do their homework outside, or even throw a football around with some friends. But instead they are kept in the cafeteria, library, or gym. Generally, students finish their lunch within the first 20 minutes as the sun shines tauntingly through the windows.

Seniors have the privilege to eat lunch in the courtyard, which they take full advantage of.  Since seniors also have off-campus lunch every Monday, where they are allowed to go out to eat lunch, the rest of the students should be allowed to eat outside on Mondays.

A little fresh air and relaxation would improve a lot of attitudes throughout the day. Students would go to their 6th and 7th bell classes feeling refreshed and renewed.

Most students are enthusiastic about the notion of being able to go outside.

 “I want to be able to go outside at lunch. We wouldn’t have to eat out there, but just sit in the sun. As long as it wouldn’t make the seniors upset, since that is a senior privilege,” sophomore Sarah Collette said.

Some seniors aren’t that upset about it either.

 “I wouldn’t mind if the underclassmen came outside to sit and hangout, just after we eat lunch because I don’t want them to take the picnic tables that the seniors already use,”  senior Sydney Adams said.

McNicholas has a beautiful campus and nice landscaping that is a welcoming atmosphere to teens. All students deserve a little part of the day to go out and enjoy the nice weather, especially during the last two months of school.

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