Project Paradise plans to become reality

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There are many rumors circulating the McNicholas community about the future of Project Paradise, the campaign to raise money to build McNick’s home turf football field, Penn Station Stadium, and a new athletic complex.   While some prove to be true, others are fiction.

Myth: Project Paradise will not be finished for another two or three years.

Truth: According to McNicholas’ Athletic Director Rob Heise, the bleachers and the press box will be installed for McNick’s first 2012 home football game scheduled for Aug. 25.  “We are hoping that Project Paradise will bring the community together even more ,” Heise said.

 Myth: McNick doesn’t have enough money to pay for all the renovations and additions planned for Paradise.

Truth: With the help of many generous donations from families, alumni, and different companies, Project Paradise has been able to become a reality.  Over $2.1 million has been donated so far, which is  funding the installation of the bleachers, the press box, an eight lane all-weather track, fencing and the planting of trees around the perimeter, the paving of the parking lot, additional landscaping, and a gated entryway. Penn Station, Inc., founded and owned by Jeff Osterfeld, McNicholas Class of 1978, donated the first gift for the building of Penn Station Stadium. The building of Penn Station Stadium was the first initial step towards Project Paradise. In addition, Total Quality Logistics, LLC, and Phil and Marilyn Finn, also McNicholas alumni, made generous donations to help make the recent additions possible.

McNicholas is still working on acquiring the funds for lights and a new concession stand but so far,

this is the first big step for McNicholas’ athletic complex. According to Adam,  the future plans include other steps in making McNick’s campus the best it can be. There is the hope for tennis courts, a new practice field, an alumni gathering space, and a field house.

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