Student Council to have new members and moderator

On Friday March 30, McNick held Student Council elections for the 2012-2013 school year. For each grade, the student with the highest number of votes was elected president, and the student with the second highest was elected vice-president.The winners are as follows:

  • For the Class of 2015:
  • President Anna Pierce
  • Co-Vice- Presidents Ronnie Ehemann and Caroline Jorden
  • For the Class of 2014:
  • President Riley Whitehouse
  • Vice-President Adam Dill
  • For the Class of 2013:
  • President Teddy Mayer
  • Vice-President Tony Losekamp

In addition, next year’s Student Council will have a new teacher moderator. Current moderator Kyle Jepson will be giving up the position to spend time with his wife, as the couple is expecting their first child in September. Math teacher Stacey Hauser will be the new Student Council moderator, and has been slowly starting to take over the role.

“Ms. Hauser and I have been meeting and she’s starting to come to the Student Council meetings,” Jepson said.

Jepson said he asked the freshmen for their input on a new moderator “since they’ll be around for awhile. A lot of them suggested Ms. Hauser, and I think she’ll be a great fit.”

Below is a slideshow of the winning class presidents and vice presidents.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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