McNicholas Photography students visit Cincinnati Zoo

On Tuesday, March 27, McNicholas photo students and adult chaperones visited the Cincinnati Zoo for the school day. Throughout the day, students took hundreds of pictures of the zoo animals, architecture, and plantation so they could develop them in their classes.

The students were given assignment sheets with numerous subjects to photograph for class, including the photography techniques they were supposed to use such as framing.

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“This trip inspires me because there is so much variety at the zoo, and I get tons of practice with my photo techniques,” senior AP Photo student Erica Luedtke said. “It really is the best field trip in the world.”

The annual field trip is organized by Photography I and II, AP Photography, and Computer Graphics teacher Mrs. Marjory Stowe, who is retiring after the completion of this school year. “This [the zoo field trip] is the best test for me to judge the students on what they have learned throughout the year,” Stowe said. “­­It forces them to use so many settings on their cameras because of the constant change in lighting.”

Stowe thinks that this is a very fun, yet beneficial field trip for her students, and hopes it will continue to be taken in the future.

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