Colleges admissions weigh GPA over extracurriculars

As high school progresses, students start to wonder what colleges really look for in a future student.

“Colleges look for a student that has a strong GPA, but is also involved in extracurricular activities,” Xavier University’s Assistant Director of Commission Dan Marschner said.

There are students that join as many extracurricular activities as they can to beef up their college applications, but what they don’t know is that colleges are more interested in students that are involved in fewer clubs and sports, but put a lot more time and effort into them.

“Having shown dedication to one or two things throughout the years, rather than being slightly involved in a lot of other things is what really stands out on college applications,” Sarah Fathergin, Student Manager at the University of Dayton, said.

Colleges are beginning not only to look at how students are involved in their school, but also how they are involved in their community, and if they participate in things like volunteering.

“At Xavier, we look for students who are strong academically, as evidenced by their GPA and ACT or SAT scores, and also actively involved in their schools and community,” Marschner said.

No matter what extracurricular activities students participate in, colleges rank GPA much higher than activities when deciding what students to admit.

“When reviewing an application for Wittenberg, GPA is more important; however extracurricular activities are almost equally as important  because looking at an entire transcript gives us a history of the students academic decisions, ability, and performances,” Sarah Matesich , Assistant Director of Admissions at Wittenburg, said.

College admission requirements ultimately vary from college to college. With so many schools to choose from in this area, everyone can find a college that will suit them.


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