McNicholas presents GLAD House program with $1,500 donation

On Tuesday, May 8, the McNicholas Student Philanthropy group presented the Giving Life a Dream House, also known as the GLAD house, a $1500 dollar check.

“GLAD House has 14 years of experience intensively working with children experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges as a direct result of a parent struggling with addiction,” GLAD Community Relations Coordinator Deana Casimano said. “We empower children and strengthen families by giving them the resources, support and tools to rebuild their lives. Our long-term investment in these extremely high-risk families allows them to recovery together built on a foundation of trust.”

The funds for the donation were provided by the Magnified Giving program.  Founded by local philanthropist Roger Grein, the Magnified Giving program gives money to schools around the city of Cincinnati, and each of the participating school philanthropy programs receives $1000 to donate to the non-profit organization of their choice. See Student Philanthropy searches for final organization for more details.“We decided to pick the GLAD House because they really represented our theme for this year,” senior Taylor Roberts said. “At the beginning of the year, we decided that we wanted to give to an organization that supported children. The GLAD House is a great cause.”

The money the GLAD House received will be used to purchase the “Love & Logic” series of parenting books to expand family programming and help parents raise their kids. When the organization first heard it had been chosen by McNick for the donation, its members were excited at the chance to finally purchase the book collection.

“GLAD House is honored to have received the award. We have wanted to purchase the Love & Logic series for some time,” Casimano said. “This will have a great impact on our ability to help families rebuild their lives in a positive manner and move forward making healthy choices. Working with McNicholas and the Student Philanthropy program has been a wonderful experience, and we greatly appreciate the time and consideration that went into the process of choosing an organization.”

The ceremony was held at the Jewish Community Center and included 21 other local high schools that participated in the Student Philanthropy program and their chosen non-profit organizations.

“It was a very formal presentation, and I was really happy I got to go,” junior Lauren Scott said. “It was worthwhile and interesting to hear about all the other agencies that schools chose to give money to.”

Students interested in volunteering with GLAD House can contact Casimano at

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