Seniors share their opinion on the Best and the Worst of McNick

The members of the Class of 2012 are nearing the end of their four years at McNicholas High School. After being at McNick for so long, they seem to know the ins and outs of the place. Check out what seniors think are the best and worst traits of McNicholas.



Drinking Fountain                                                                      

Religion Hall Fountain

“I like the one by Hutch’s   room because it always has really cold water,” senior Seth Gerke said.

Cafeteria Fountain

“The one by the café is   definitely the worst, because the water level changes as you try to fill up   your bottle for lunch,” senior Taylor Roberts said.

Off-Campus Lunch   Location     


“I like the strip with   Chipotle, Skyline, and Smoothie King, because everyone can always get what   they want, and I can never get sick of Chipotle; it’s so delicious and   filling,” senior Danny Roeding said.

Firehouse Subs

“I got food poisoning after   eating [at Firehouse Subs] once,” senior Kim Kollsmith said.


Auxiliary Gym Bathroom

“I like the auxiliary gym’s   boys locker room bathroom, because the stalls are big and clean, and the   toilet has a powerful flush,” senior Michael Nimmo said.

Senior Hall Bathroom

“It smells really weird. I   avoid going in there as much as possible, even though it’s the most   convenient,” senior Maggie Dames said.


Locker 832

“My locker is right at the   beginning of senior hall, so it’s really easy to get to. Also, there is no   one using the lockers on one side, so I can always set my book bag down and I   don’t have to worry about being in the way,” senior Luke Eveler said.

Locker 205

“My locker freshman year was   the worst – every time someone got a drink from the water fountain, I would   always get splashed! Also, freshman hall is just way too crowded,” senior   Molly Cardosi said.

 Lunch Food

Buffalo Chicken

“I love getting the buffalo   chicken; it’s so spicy and delicious!” senior Gabi Camacho said.

Fruit Cup

“The fruit cup is   disappointing, because there is always so much honeydew melon in there,”   senior Rob Goldsberry said.


Mrs. Feldkamp’s Room

“It’s always really warm and   cozy when the rest of the school is cold,” senior Adam Zalewski said.

Mr. Spurlock’s Room

“Mr. Spurlock’s classroom is   the worst, it’s always freezing,” senior Aaron Vennemeyer said.

Parking Space     


Spot 98

“My parking spot is right   next to the auxiliary gym, which is really convenient. It’s easy to get into   in the mornings and pull out of after school,” senior Dillon Stanfield said.


“I parked in Paradise last   year and it was awful – when it’s dry your car gets really dusty,” senior   Jack Castleman said.

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