McNick adds track to Project Paradise

On Monday, May 14, the laying of track around the football field in Penn Station Stadium was completed.

While the track is not ready to be used yet, it is expected to be ready by May 23.

“We have to let the tartan, rubber synthetic used on tracks, sit and cure seven days past the actual day it’s finished being laid. So it should be dry by Monday the 21st, and while that’s finishing we’re going to have the guy come that will paint on the stripes and numbers. Everything should be totally done by the 23rd of May, at the latest,” Athletic Director Rob Heise said.

The funding for the track was donated by McNick alumni Phil and Marilyn Finn, both from the Class of 1967. While Phil was a student at McNicholas, he ran track and field, and among the recently added football field and bleachers, he specifically wanted a track.

The track team will hold an inner-squad meet on the new track on May 29. Because they’ll be the first runners to ever run on McNicholas’ home track, they will have the opportunity to set the first records. Coach Dan Rosenbaum will also incorporate their season awards into the meet.

“I’m really excited that  we get to establish stadium records. I’m hoping to get the best 2 mile time. The inner track meet will be a good way to kick off all future meets that will be held at McNick,” senior Rachel Wadell said.

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