Varsity Volleyball finishes season strong

The McNicholas Men’s Varsity Volleyball Team ended the season with a record of 17-7. After losing in the second round of the tournament to Roger Bacon High School on May 19, the team congratulated their 6 seniors with a great overall season. The team came in 2nd in the GCL central.

“I’m happy that we did really well this year and that we were better than last year. I liked playing with better teams and I’m going to miss the seniors next year,” junior Evan McPhillips said.

The team graduated six seniors.  “We had a strong group of seniors this year and we planned to go far in the tournament. Even though we didn’t make it very long in the tournament, I’m glad we had the record that we did and I’m proud of my team for their effort the entire year,” senior Doug Neiheisel said.

After losing to Roger Bacon High School in their last game of the regular season on May 10, the team advanced to play the first game of the tournament against Badin High School on May 17.  Winning all three matches against Badin, the team moved onto the second round to play Roger Bacon for the third time of the season. With three close matches, the team was defeated and was knocked out of the tournament, completing their season.

“I am incredibly delighted with their success of coming from a 10-10 season to a 17-7 season and leaving teams behind that didn’t know what hit them,” varsity coach Julie Mulvey said. “These guys worked each day to make themselves better, surpassed difficult obstacles and came out on the other side shining like champs!”

“It is hard to say I’m proud of this team,” Mulvey added, “because that just doesn’t sum it up, but to say I admire them for what they do lends a hand to just how great they are.”

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