Teachers give seniors advice

With the overwhelming college application process ahead, it is easy for students to overlook their senior year. Teachers want to remind students how significant senior year is, and that the memories from this year will be vivid years from now.

Science teacher Lauren Wulker, a graduate of McNicholas in 2002, participated in five clubs, edited the school newspaper, and won districts with her soccer team. Her school spirit sparked her fondest senior year memory.“A group of girls and I decided that we wanted to get on the news,” Wulker said. “We made a bunch of   signs about the McNick basketball game that Friday, woke up at 6 a.m., and took them to the station. We yelled and screamed and they finally came out to interview us. They put our interview in their sports section that day.” If Wulker could do something differently, she would have encouraged the underclassmen to get involved.

The advice she would give to the seniors is to use their time wisely. She knows that as hard as it may seem, it’s possible.

English  teacher Katie Caster, a graduate from Roger Bacon High School’s Class of 2003, was a member of the National Honors Society, swim team, softball team, and soccer team. “I remember I had to get six stitches above my eye because a girl kicked me right in the face,” Caster recalled from a senior year soccer game.

She also remembers attending Kairos. “I learned so much about myself and my classmates. Forming bonds with my teachers has helped me in my  career as a teacher now,” Caster said.

Caster wishes that she would have kept in touch with classmates after graduation. Her advice to the seniors is to not take a single day for granted.

Spanish teacher Kyle Jepson, a 2001 graduate from Lakota West High School, ran for the cross country and track teams along with being Vice President of his senior class, editing the sports section of the school newspaper, and participating in Spanish Club, Mu Alpha Theta, and National Honor Society. Although he doesn’t regret missing his graduation ceremony to compete in the state track competition, he does regret not getting enough sleep.

Jepson wants to remind seniors to take advantage of every opportunity. “Don’t ever tell people you can’t do something and then go sit on your couch and watch   TV,” he said. “You’ll never know who you could have met.”

Religion teacher Sam Roflow, a 1974 graduate McNicholas graduate, remembers playing   baseball during his senior year. During this time, he was inspired to become a teacher by history teacher John Kirchgassner, who taught Roflow’s seminar class. His most memorable day from senior year was December 14, 1973, when he   and his wife went to the McNicholas talent show on their first date. However, Roflow wishes that he would have helped a friend that went astray.

He would advise seniors to get involved in high school extracurriculars because college life is different. As Roflow said, “Don’t wish your time away, because it flies.”

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