McNicholas football team debuts new uniforms

The McNicholas football team debuted their new uniforms at the first game on Aug. 25.

The team ran onto the field wearing re-designed gray uniforms and new green helmets. After a summer of conditioning, Head Football Coach Mike Orlando surprised the team with new uniforms on Friday, Aug. 24, the day before the game against Newport Central Catholic.

“For me, [surprising them with new uniforms] was to reward our kids,” Orlando said. “I think they were surprised.”

This year, the team didn’t get just one new uniform, but instead a uniform system. Orlando said it was based on the system of the University of Oregon. In recent years, the college football program has used their collection of uniforms from years past to come up with enough uniform combinations that the team never wore the same uniform twice in the season. Orlando said the Rockets have nine potential combinations for the ten-game season, so they will wear a new combination almost every game.

McNicholas fans have had different reactions to the new look. Some fans are excited about the new look, while others prefer a more traditional uniform style.

“People have asked ‘Why aren’t they green and white?’” Principal Patty Beckert said.

According to Director of Communications Angie Noble, the new uniforms meet all the requirements. “Gray is a neutral color and the rest of the uniform has the school colors. The new uniforms meet all of our graphic standards for apparel.”

Junior Brandon Egred said the team was excited about their new uniforms and had no idea they were getting them. “As I was walking in the locker room I could hear everyone screaming, ‘We got new uniforms!’” he said. “I knew that everyone was thinking the same thing I was: ‘This is going to be a great season with the new uniforms.’”

 Last year, the football team won two of their ten games. This season, the team has already played two games: one against Newport Central Catholic and one against New Richmond.  So far, the team is undefeated.

For their first game against Newport Central Catholic, the team wore the gray jerseys and pants, with green and yellow lettering. They wore white uniforms for the New Richmond game, which also have green and yellow accents. The team is preparing for their next game on Sept. 7 against Turpin. They’ll be wearing a new uniform combination, but nobody knows what it is yet. The fans will just have to wait and see.  

One thought on “McNicholas football team debuts new uniforms

  1. As an Alum, the gray with the green and yellow accents does not show the school colors enough .
    A lot of people are confused by this choice. The Fight Song is: “green and white are our colors true”…

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